Why Home Owners Want Us In Their Short Sale?

Facing Foreclosure???

We will buy your property CASH, “AS IS” and help you restart your life again.

We specialize in purchasing homes that are in pre-foreclosure. We dedicate our time discounting your mortgage(s) to a reasonable price, so we can buy your home and help you move on with your life.

What We Do…

We will hold your hand throughout the entire process…

While most real estate agents can only begin discussion with lenders once they have an offer to present, we are able to begin immediatley since we are the all cash buyers ready to close at the lenders convenience. Also, instead of simply presenting offers to banks hoping they’ll close, we negotiate the liens to a low enough price and are ready to close ASAP.

You pay nothing while we absorb all related costs involved, such as commission, back taxes and closing cost(s). In addition, no repairs are required and you will be able to stay in your home whole we work with your lender.

We even pay for your credit repair so you can move on with your life and buy a new home.

Why Lenders Work With Us?

The key to our process is to compel the lender(s) to work with us rather than take the home into foreclosure. We accomplish this by a structuring a process that includes these steps and the expertise of our legal support team and full-time mitigators. After the sellers documents are completed, we conduct a detailed home inspection. When our property analysis is completed, we send a comprehensive offer package to the various lien holders. Each offer is tailored to satisfy the lender’s guidelines and process. We follow up with all lien holder(s), handle final negotiations, and most importantly conduct the closing.

Our Mission Statement

To buy your home. We strive to make the process smooth, easy and private while demonstrating integrity and honesty. We will exhaust every effort to make the process as seamless as possible by adapting to all situations.