Don’t Do Short Sales Yourself

10 Reasons Professional Real Estate Agents 
Should NOT Do Short Sales Themselves

  1. You must have a Buyer to begin a Short Sale with the Lender.
  2. Short Sales take a long time to negotiate.  You risk losing your Buyer because Buyers want to buy NOW!
  3. Short Sales take a lot of time and effort.  To be a successful Real Estate Agent, you must list and market properties, find sellers, and find buyers.
  4. In many states, if you attempt to negotiate a Short Sale for a Seller, you could be breaking the law by acting as a lawyer.
  5. The Lender will always negotiate all aspects of your offer, including your commission.  You deserve your full commission for the work you do.
  6. You’re not a professional loss mitigator…You’re a professional Real Estate Agent.  Our negotiators have years of experience as loss mitigators and understand how the loss mitigation process works.  
  7. Over time, our negotiators have developed relationships with the Lenders that expedite the Short Sale negotiation.
  8. A Short Sale requires voluminous paperwork that is outside of your normal forms.  We already know what each Lender requires and provide it to them ahead of time to streamline the Short Sale process.
  9. A Short Sale requires hand-holding the client, keeping the Seller up to date on the progress of the Short Sale and managing their expectations.  Your time is better spent finding your next Seller.
  10. Short Sales take your focus from what you know you need to do in order to be a successful Real Estate Agent.