About Us

About Us

Carolina Home Investments, Inc. is a company dedicated to making people’s lives better.  We are a local investment company which works with Real Estate Agents/Brokers, Mortgage Brokers, Attorneys, Title Companies, and Banks to offer a professional team working together to aide the seller who is in distress.  We play a needed role to produce a winning solution for everyone involved.  The principles of our firm are also licensed General Contractors who have much experience in the Real Estate industry.  Our firm embraces the honest and ethical standards adhered to by recognized local, state and national Real Estate Investors Associations.

We specialize in Preforeclosure situations where the seller of a nice home is overleveraged and is in imminent default.  We like to concentrate on $450k+ homes.  Usually these homes may be more difficult to resell, but not the way we do it.  Although our focus is on more expensive homes, we will consider less expensive properties, if we can help the seller. 

Our firm is a cash buyer with several sources of funding available to validate a Short Sale needed to purchase the home and save the seller from a foreclosure being on their credit record.  We work through local Real Estate Agents/Brokers and offer the same property to the open market as an excellent purchase for an end buyer.

We do all of the time-consuming Short Sale negotiations and paperwork with the lenders involved, which frees the Agent to find that end buyer who wants a below market price for an excellent property.  This approach allows the Short Sale negotiations to begin with the lender because we are the initial buyer, and allows the search for an end buyer to commence.  This puts these two processes in parallel, reduces the overall time to the closing and minimizes the chance that the end buyer will withdraw because of long Short Sale negotiations.  All of this while guaranteeing full commissions on the transaction for the Real Estate listing/buying agents.  No more having your commission chiseled down by the lenders.
Our negotiators are experts at Short Sales.  They are ex-loss mitigators with the lenders and know how to work within the system.  In addition, they have personal business relationships in many of the actual lending institutions involved which streamlines this entire professional process.  These negotiators have already saved millions of sellers from foreclosure and have helped to facilitate the resale of the properties to buyers who are happy to get a great deal.  They are successful in negotiating millions of dollars every month in discounts from the lenders, which is necessary to make the deals happen.
Although granting a Short Sale is a voluntary act by the lender and is never totally predictable they still make out better than if the home went to foreclosure.  So everybody wins.

Let us work for you and your sellers to help prevent foreclosures and reward you for your efforts.  We charge no fees to the seller, the agent/s or the end buyer.  Our profit comes from the completed deal, when we are all successful.  We are not foreclosure consultants, we are buyers who want to work with you.

If you have a candidate property, enter it in the template on this site, before it is too late.  We will contact you within 24 hours of the entry to discuss.  If you wait too late in the process, your seller goes into foreclosure, the lender loses the maximum amount, and you don’t get paid your commission at all. Let us do the work for you.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Questions? Call David at 336-669-4298 and I’ll be happy to assist you.